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Fluffy Girl's Scripture Memory Plan

Healthy living is not a short-term project or diet. It's a daily, life-long decision to be set apart in Christ for the abundant life He died to give us. 

That is one of the biggest lessons God taught me in the first year of my journey to whole-health living... physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I get to start fresh daily, hourly, and even second by second because His grace and power are given to me 24/7. It's eternal, this journey we're on. There is no quick fix to solve problems or make lasting change. I will not be perfect by 5 p.m. or by using a "proven" a 6-month plan. It is a transformational work of the Holy Spirit alive in me.

Therefore, I want to let the power of God's Word make an eternal impact in my life this year. I invite you to join me in a more in-depth application of the Word in our lives and journey to whole health through Scripture memory. Below is a monthly plan that is simple: just one verse or passage a month.

Will you join me by hiding the Word of God in our hearts through memory, meditation, and application?

Here are a few tips to making this work:
  • Write the month's verse on note cards, post-its, etc. and place them in various high-traffic areas of your life (desk at work, bathroom mirror, front of the refrigerator, steering wheel of your car, etc.). Make a point to read it or recite it quickly every time you see it. It only takes a few seconds to read/recite, and you bathe your life in the Word every time you do it!
  • Memorize the verse as a family or with a friend, and hold each other accountable to memorizing it and applying it to situations in your everyday life.
  • Pray the verse over your life every morning in the shower. As you bathe physically, let the Word of God bathe your life for the day ahead.
  • Start each week off by journaling questions you have about the verse or things God is teaching you through it. Make it a Monday morning assignment to evaluate how the verse impacts you right where you are, or how God is calling you to apply it to your life in the upcoming days and week.
  • Come back to this blog page weekly or daily and start/join a conversation about the verse. Share what God is doing through His Word. Ask questions, share challenges, praise Him for victories, hold each other and me accountable!

If you find this blog later in the year and want to join in, start with the current month and move from there, or start with the first verse and proceed one by one. Don't push yourself to "catch up." One verse/passage at a time is the goal to getting the Word deeper into our lives. Start right where you are and join in the journey!

I'm excited about challenging myself to let the living Word of God do it's work in me. Let's do this!

Faithfully, fluffully His,